Sports Net Tension Gauges for Tennis and Volleyball; Training Tools for Volleyball Setters
Sports Net Tension Gauges for Tennis and Volleyball; Training Tools for Volleyball Setters

Sports Net Tension Gauges for Tennis and Volleyball; Training Tools for Volleyball


Available now, with patents pending: Set Right TM and Tempo Right TM

The high-end standards in setting training tools, from Cable Tension, LLC


Please see them at

Adjustable, durable, easily stored.

Set Right adjusts from 7' to 10' 6" high, and 0-75 degrees angle, holding the ball in the net with a drawstring, or dropping the ball into a waiting cart.

Tempo Right adjusts from 10'8" to 14' high. The wide target allows setting from right at the net to 6' off the net, still to the same hitting target spot.


STANDARDIZING NET TENSION - the Tight Right Gauge for Volleyball

The first measuring device to indicate the exact tension on your volleyball net,

making net setup much faster and more repeatable!

Available direct from

Cable Tension, LLC or from

$120 each, with free US shipping, if purchased from Cable Tension, LLC - Call for more information


A video demonstration of Tight Right Gauge installation is here!

September 12, 2013 - Rachel Cooper, (former) Assistant Volleyball Coach for the University of Tennessee, poses
in Knoxville with David Glass of Cable Tension, LLC and the Tight Right Gauge donated to the UT program
in appreciation for the court access that allowed development and testing under various net cord tensions.

“Tennessee Volleyball had the opportunity to use the Tight Right gauge during its development, throughout

the 2012 season. It makes the net respond predictably and consistently with its tautness. We often vary our
net height for practices and the Tight Right gauge has allowed us to come up with a predictable and consistent
measurement. It has cut our match preparation time in half as we now have a consistent system in place that
ensures regulation dimensions every time. The Tight Right gauge is a helpful, necessary tool that helps
standardize our netting system and we hope that it gets used everywhere.”
- Rachel Cooper, Assistant Volleyball Coach, University of Tennessee

The patented Tight Right Gauge is available from Sports Imports and directly from Cable Tension, LLC.

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