Sports Net Tension Gauges for Tennis and Volleyball; Training Tools for Volleyball Setters
Sports Net Tension Gauges for Tennis and Volleyball; Training Tools for Volleyball Setters

"I think it was great to have (the nets) all consistent with same tension." - Manny Diaz, University of Georgia tennis head coach, and host of the 2012 NCAA Division 1 Championships, by text message, about the installations at UGA.


"I really like your product."  - Brian Earley, US Open Referee, in advising Cable Tension, LLC before ordering enough TNT Gauge Systems to equip all the courts at the National Tennis Center for the 2012 thru 2017 US Open


"Tennessee has been fortunate to use the TNT Gauge all season.  We used it during the SEC seasons and most recently during the NCAA first and second rounds.  I believe it is the first time we have been able to say confidently that the nets are all the same tension.  In men's tennis we play let cords, so knowing that the bounce off the net will be uniform really helps.  It is a fantastic product, and I hope it is used in all future college events."  - Sam Winterbotham, Head Coach, University of Tennessee, May 2011

For the 2011 NCAA's, "we have the first facility in tennis with all the net cords playing the same!" - Mike Patrick, co-Head Coach, University of Tennessee Lady Vols Tennis


"I think the TNT Gauge is great for men's college tennis with the let rule they have.  The coaches at our (NCAA) regional were all intrigued with the gauges and glad they were being used." - Lee Taylor Walker, Knoxville NCAA site representative, first and second rounds, and head coach, University of Memphis women's tennis


"We finally have a way for all the nets to play the same." - Kitty Hopper, Referee, Knoxville NCAA first and second rounds, 2011, and a supporter of the product during its development and play-testing.


"I teach my team to check the nets at matches, to make sure they're not too soft.  This (product) shows they're ready for play.  It's an idea that's long overdue." - Geoff MacDonald, head coach, Vanderbilt University Women's Tennis

"I have had no problems with it in any of the matches I have done.  It performs as designed which is a welcome sight in today's world." - Rob Smith, USTA Official


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