Sports Net Tension Gauges for Tennis and Volleyball; Training Tools for Volleyball Setters
Sports Net Tension Gauges for Tennis and Volleyball; Training Tools for Volleyball Setters

Video Demo, Installation

VIDEO: See the TNT Gauge installation, operation, and features in a 2:00 video in a new browser window, by clicking here.

The simple daily calibration is demonstrated here.


Installation instructions Rev. 4 (2015), in printable PDF format will open here.


– Connects in-line to the existing cable on the anchor post
– Requires no modification to either post for most systems
– Is easily removable when the court will not be used for tournament play
– Reduces injury and post/foundation damage from a player’s collision with the net cord, by absorbing impact force
– Has no protruding parts that interfere with play or players
– Helps reduce damage to the post and foundation from over-tensioning – no reason to tighten the net past playable limits
– The internal spring is protected against over-compression (Safe Stop)
– Allows instant, accurate, visual inspection of net tension without tools

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