Sports Net Tension Gauges for Tennis and Volleyball; Training Tools for Volleyball Setters
Sports Net Tension Gauges for Tennis and Volleyball; Training Tools for Volleyball Setters

The TNT Gauge System

Tennis Net Tension

The only proven, user-friendly, certified accurate, patented, and inexpensive wayto measure net tension, so that all courts play equally.  Ready for delivery now.  Don't be fooled by claims that center-strap or singles sticks net tension devices can do the same.  Only the TNT Gauge and its direct connection to the net cord will measure net tension!

The USTA NET TENSION RECOMMENDATION is in effect! Since 2015, USTA's Friend at Court Comment 1.1 clarifies Rule 1 (The Court) of The Rules of Tennis by recommending 400-450 pounds tension "with the tension of all nets within 25 pounds of each other.  Use a net tension device when available."

ITF has a net tension recommendation, at this ITF Technical page, based on work with the TNT Gauge.

The TNT Gauge is the only proven net tension device in production.

For the sixth year (2017), TNT Gauge is on all courts for the US Open!

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2017 Pricing:  $119 each with free standard shipping in the US, $105 each for orders of 6 or more. if purchased directly from Cable Tension!  On-site installation service available.

US Patent No. 8,806,952
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