The TNT Gauge Pro TM  System
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The first practical, user-friendly, inexpensive way to measure net tension, so that all courts play equally

 ITF has published a net tension recommendation, at this ITF Technical page, based on work with the TNT Gauge!  As USTA moves forward with evaluation of proposed language in the US, we look for positive results, even as the Emirates Airline US Open Series kicks off in July, with the TNT Gauge on most of the venues' courts.

USTA's Executive Committee is voting to accept language that will strongly recommend use of a continuously installed tension measuring device, such as the TNT Gauge, for college and sanctioned events and tournaments, beginning with publication in the 2015 Friend at Court.  This language was finalized at the 2013 USTA Annual Meeting, for submission to the affected USTA committees.  Our hard work and proven TNT Gauge may be making a difference in the game!




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